About It's My Community Initiative

It’s My Community Initiative (IMCI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Oklahoma City with a mission of developing and expanding efforts to strengthen communities by building strong, healthy families. Our team specializes in developing research-informed strategies to tackle the many challenges facing financially vulnerable families, utilizing best practices in our implementation plans, and forging partnerships and coalitions that engage stakeholders towards common goals. We are deeply committed to holding our business practices to the highest professional standards so that donors, partners, and community members can have great confidence in the way we manage projects and resources. And finally, our organization is focused on holding a high standard for services provided to low-income families, regularly meeting performance goals and expecting nothing less than the best from ourselves and others.

As an organization, we manage a wide range of projects but have a particular interest and focus on developing and implementing strategies to connect key partners in ways that result in transformational change for one of Oklahoma’s most disadvantaged communities, northeast Oklahoma City (NEOKC). IMCI spearheads community projects, tackling issues of health, education, and employment, in partnership with other community-based organizations and through programs funded by corporate partners, federal, state, and local governments, and philanthropic organizations.

We are an efficient and fiscally responsible organization with minimal operational overhead so that the majority of our resources are used for direct service and benefit to the community. For all business services including the administrative functions of financial management, human resources, contract management, compliance and risk management, we contract with Public Strategies (PSI), an approach that allows us to access skilled accounting and business operations staff, expertise in project and grant management, and marketing, communications and event management services as needed. This arrangement also allows IMCI to scale up or down to meet the needs of projects without having to increase its internal professional staff and overhead.

IMCI maintains effective control over and accountability for all funds, property and assets. IMCI safeguards all such assets and assures they are used solely for authorized purposes. The written financial policies and procedures, approved by the Board of Directors, incorporate the best practices of nonprofit accounting. The IMCI Board of Directors regularly reviews and approves budget and financial reports. Additionally, IMCI undergoes an annual, single audit conducted by Finley & Cook, PLLC Certified Public Accountants. The independent audit results are the gold standard of reports: compliance with grant requirements, no questioned costs, no material weaknesses and no significant deficiencies. IMCI’s audited financial statement reports are a testament to the organization’s excellent fiscal controls.

Because we have a high level of financial accountability with a proven track record of responding to needs with a people-centric approach, we are an ideal collaborator with other organizations to respond to specific needs in the community.

IMCI Projects In The News

In our work, the IMCI strives to strengthen families and help them overcome the many challenges of multi-generational poverty. That’s why in our logo, we use the Eban symbol, which represents love, safety and security.

The Eban symbol originates from an ancient West African culture called the Akan. To the Akan, the home is a special place, and a home that has a fence around it is considered to be an ideal residence. Because of the security and the protection that a fence affords, the symbol is also associated with the security and safety one finds in love.