Collaboration Projects

IMCI regularly collaborates with other organizations to help raise funds, coordinate resources, or expand the capacity of efforts designed to have an impact on the community in ways that align with our mission. Because we have routinely audited financials overseen by certified accounting professionals and a proven track record of responding to needs with a people-centric approach, IMCI has been an ideal vehicle for other organizations that may have one-time or infrequent needs to raise money or take donations to respond to specific needs in the community. In each of these cases IMCI is able to put an organized process in place that ensures that resources are properly accounted for and used as intended, while giving groups and organizations the ability to move quickly to solve problems/issues they want to tackle in the community.

Family Expectations is a research-informed program designed to support families as couples make the transition to becoming parents, either for the first time or as parents again. The program design is consistent with a large body of research that shows children do better on almost every outcome when raised by their married biological parents in a healthy relationship.

The program is part of two large-scale national evaluation studies: Building Strong Families (BSF), a study of unmarried couples expecting a baby or who have just had a baby, and Supporting Healthy Marriages (SHM), a study of low-income married couples. Oklahoma’s Family Expectations led the nation in performance measures in both studies and was a training site for the other seven sites in SHM. The program has also proven to be effective in helping couples stay together and in improving the quality of the parents’ relationship. Dads are more engaged in parenting and maternal depression is also decreased by these services.

For several years , IMCI has raised funds to provide families, at an annual Family Expectations event, with a holiday meal kit and a toy for each child. The event, with approximately 1500 attendees each year, teaches - and celebrates – the establishment and use of family traditions.

Change Together is a project of SandRidge Energy. Employees are given the opportunity to make payroll deduction donations to a fund that is used to meet the immediate needs of individuals and families in the community. An employee-led committee makes funding decisions. IMCI often serves as a partner for this effort, helping to administer resources and/or providing direct support to implement solutions made possible by this fund.

IMCI’s history shows a consistent pattern of developing partnerships and serving others, from organizations to individuals, with the goal of supporting best practice work in Oklahoma City through both leadership and support initiatives.